MISTER ANTONY ® Ultimate Raincape


Our heaviest quality raincape made from 100% bonded cotton double texture (cotton fabric both outside & inside the raincape).

Superb quality, comfort & protection with TEFLON coating

Similar to the rubberised double texture capes worn by bandsmen in the 60’s but softer, lighter & much less expensive!

Styling is identical to the BANDSPEC with the same special pockets & stud fastenings but without the underarm non-slip patch.

A luxurious raincape in every respect. Ideal for discerning bandsmen, solo pipers, daytime or evening wear.

Colours: Black

Stock sizes: S, M, L, XL & XXL

£119.00 (approx $154.95)

Band discounts available.

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Folding & Care Instructions for your Mister Antony ULTIMATE Raincape

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The ULTIMATE is our heaviest quality raincape & is too bulky for folding into a Matching Pouch like some of our other raincapes.
To fold flat, however, we recommend the following method:

  1. Lay the raincape down flat, the right way up with collar pointing to the right.
  2. Fold the whole raincape inside out bringing the four front edges of the coat & top-cape to lie on top of each other. Pleat the top-cape neatly inside the coat.
  3. Fold the skirt of the coat neatly over the front edge, then fold the raincape completely in half so the collar lies at the hem. The folded raincape will now be lying in a long rectangular shape.
  4. Fold in half, then half again.
  5. If required a worm steam iron on the top-side of the fabric will eliminate any creases.
  6. When not in use, always hang the raincape on a peg or hanger.
  7. Never fold up the raincape when it is damp or wet.

100% Cotton Double Texture

Two layers of cotton fabric bonded together
with a waterproof PU membrane.

Finished with a top quality TEFLON coating